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The SHG GmbH was founded in 2002 as subsidiary of Spechtenhauser Pumpen GmbH for development and distribution of the Spechtenhauser mobile speciality pumps.

Since then the mobile speciality pumps of SHG are part of the standard flood fighting equipment of fire brigades, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief and other disaster control organizations both at home and abroad.

Thanks to the high blockage safety of the pumps, SHG has established itself as leading manufacturer of flood water protection pumps. Due to the extension of the product range by the combustion engine driven pump ATLANTICA, the professional wet vacuum cleaner AQUATIX and the latest mobile pump, TEGERNSEE, SHG meanwhile offers a complete product range for flood water fighting that facilitates work of disaster control organizations all over the world. The SHG products also enjoy great popularity in other field of applications. They are used for pond maintenance, on waste water treatment plants, construction sites and anywhere else where strongly soiled waste water including solids up to 80 mm in size has to be pumped.

All SHG-products are 100% "Made in Germany" and are checked thoroughly before delivery in order to guarantee the high SHG quality standard.




Spechtenhauser Pumpen GmbH

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Spechtenhauser Pumpen GmbH

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