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The professional wet
vacuum cleaner
with SHG pump power

The powerful professional pump with reliable combustion engine


Extreme compact dimensions, only 25 kg weight and nevertheless an intake diameter of 40 mm – these characteristics turn the Tegernsee, the latest addition to the Spechtenhauser pump family, into a handy and high-performance power pack, which also deals with soiled waste water and sewage including solids. A convincing capacity of up to 800 l/min ensures an efficient and powerful pump operation. Effective low level pumping down to a few millimeters depth can be carried out by a simple 90° turning of the pump.

More powerful and a larger intake diameter

these are the highlights of the new generation of CHIEMSEE and MINI-CHIEMSEE.

While the CHIEMSEE pump now comes up with a maximum capacity of up to 2500 respectively 1800 l/min in A- respectively B-version, the MINI-CHIEMSEE capacity ranges between 700 and 1600 l/min. The optimized impeller of MINI-CHIEMSEE with an intake diameter of 65 mm makes the pump more forceful and effective in case of challenging flood water fighting. Additional safety offers the new 230V motor protection switch with temperature monitoring and restart inhibit, which avoids an unexpected start of the pump after the release of the thermal switch.




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